Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Photo Gallery 4: Ladang 4 - Birds' eye chili (Chili Padi)

Photo Gallery 4:     Global Agro Diversified also plant the birds'eye chili or 'chili padi (in Malay) on open ground. These particular type of chili is much smaller and usually they are much much hotter. Birds'eye chili is well known to be more robust and has better resistant against diseases and could withstand all the inclement elements of rain and sun. The Company plant these birds'eye chili in a smaller part of our Plantation at Ladang 4, approximately 5 miles away from Ladang 1,2 and 3. This is also the area where we are hoping to develop further to expand our chili business and would welcome offers from anyone who is interested in our business.

Description:  The following photos show Birds' Eye chili plant grown at the Ladang. They are at the beginning of the harvest time. The chillies look very fresh and very healthy.

Description: Birds'Eye chilli grown at the Ladang after they've been plucked.

Description: The following photos were taken from another Ladang which also grow Birds' eye chili. The plants have been harvested and new planting is due within a few weeks from the time when these photos were taken.


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